Complete Joy

This man has never fail me, and others, to surprise us with what he could do. A boy with his go-kart turns into a man who won national championship with his slalom and drifting car. A boy who always get around with all racing matters, turns into a successful culinary entrepreneur. And lastly, also a … Continue reading Complete Joy

The Challenging Factor of Studying

When I was a kid, I was always being told to do something because my mom promised me that she would give me chocolate when I do what she asked. This simple practice of giving a reward is part of the game elements, and this kind of attitude creates and shapes a certain habit to … Continue reading The Challenging Factor of Studying

Gateway to be Kind to Another: Crowdfunding!

As today’s technology getting more applicable into our daily life, we are now able to do an act of kindness from just a button away. From thousands of crowdfunding websites that are easily searched in our search engine, we can choose what type of platform we want to contribute to. Based on Crowdfunding Hacks (2015, … Continue reading Gateway to be Kind to Another: Crowdfunding!

Instagram Self-branding

The social media has expanded our capabilities into the limitless boundary. From just a very simple thing such as create connection with our friends, now it became one of the most effective business tool. The focus of this writing goes specifically to world's second most used social media (World Economic Forum, 2017), Instagram. I will emphasize … Continue reading Instagram Self-branding

Surveillance & Parenting

Featured Image, Surveillance by Screenpunk (CC BY-NC 2.0) Blog written, and video collaborated by: Adinda Cresheilla, Lauren Connelly, Sam Shineberg and Emma Miller Surveillance and parenting, have you ever thought about how they go together? As we now live in an ever growing digital online society, we all are contributing to the mass amount of online content, … Continue reading Surveillance & Parenting

NASA’s Surveillance Brings Benefit To The World

What’s the first word that crosses your mind when you heard about NASA? I’ve done a research on Twitter and the result showed that 75% people answered astronauts. It’s not wrong, but the organization has contributed so much to our lives than just sending astronauts to the moon. which word cross in ur mind when … Continue reading NASA’s Surveillance Brings Benefit To The World

Surveillance in Instagram Gone Too Far

The communication transformation that had been converging in these past few decades; from telegraph to telephone to television and now smartphones, have shifted people's habit in engaging with others. Jansson and Christensen (2013, p. 3) argues that these changes are strongly impacting the security of identity and about how people construct subjectivities. Even though I'm … Continue reading Surveillance in Instagram Gone Too Far